CleanTalk – Don’t check trusted user’s comments

To make the anti-spam protection stronger, please, do the following:

Go to WordPress Admin Page —> Settings —> Anti-Spam by CleanTalk —> Advanced settings —> set the option
„Don’t check trusted user’s comments“ to „Off“

—> set the option „Protect logged in Users“ to „On“ —> Save Changes.
Go to WordPress Admin Page —> Users —> Find spam users.

Additionally, mark records in your Anti-Spam Log if our service made wrong decision:
Your Anti-Spam Log [ ] —> choose your website in the drop-down menu —> there are buttons „Spam“ and „Not Spam“ under every record —> mark records using these buttons.

The guide is here:

For each mark you get 1 bonus day to your license and we update our database and get your feedback for the analysis.

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